Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Dream Bedroom with Debenhams!

    Dream Bedroom Mood board competition by Terna Jogo featuring blue accents.

Whilst browsing the Debenhams website a couple days ago, I stumbled across a competition they were having called 'Dream Bedroom Blogger'. As soon as I saw what you had to do and the prizes available I became very excited! To enter all you had to do was design your dream bedroom using images from the website, which I knew I'd enjoy doing as my fourth passion is interior decorating, and you could be in with a chance of winning £500 to spend on your dream bedroom.

So here is my dream bedroom. 

There is no particular theme, except from blue (my favourite colour) and white. It is simple and contemporary with some quirky items added, that reflect my interests. 

1. King size Nickel sigma bed - £600
2. Set of twenty decorative metal string lights x 2 - £44. 
I chose these because fairy lights look so pretty at night and give the room a warm, cosy feeling.
3. Turquoise cotton square cushion x 2. £5.95 (from £7)
4. Banksy inspired girl with balloon cushion. £28 (from £35)
5. Ben Di Lissi Designer red sketched front cushion. £20 (from £25)

6. Mirrored 'Solar' 2 door wardrobe. £525
A full length mirror is a necessity in any females bedroom! Plus as the 2 doors are mirrored, any light in the room would reflect of the mirrors thus making the room seem brighter and therefore bigger.

7. Teal 'York' plain boarder rug 120cm x 170cm. £120
8. Star by Julien Mcdonald Mirror large lace print Jewellery box. £24 (from £30)
The print is beautiful and I have silly amounts of jewellery so this is essential.
9.  Newgate Metal 'Fresh Lemonade' clock. £30
I liked the vintage look of the clock and thought it was quirky.
10. Palisander White Oak Flooring pack of 8 x 4.  £138.92
11. J by jasper Conran Garden lily scented diffuser set. £12 (from £15)

12. Turquouise 'Cherry Blossom' fully lined curtains with pencil heading 116cm x 228cm            drop x 2. £116
     Turquouise 'Cherry Blossom' pair of tiebacks. £9.60 (from 12)

13. Matt finish Boy racer blue paint 2.5L. £20
I would paint all of the walls white and use this for a feature wall to add that extra splash of colour. 
14. Graham and brown Magnetic Camera wall art. £20
The moment I saw this I fell in love! I love photography and aspire to be a photographer, so this instantly appealed to me. I also like that it has a vintage feel to it.
15. Gisela graham limited Black metal bike book ends. £45
I am an avid reader of books and my dream room would definitely have lots of books in it. I thought these bike book ends were effortlessly cool. 
16. White 'Brighton' high gloss dressing table with stool and mirror. £650
Ever since I was young I have wanted a dressing table as I always saw the movie stars in films had one. Also It would be a whole lot more relaxing to sit down at a dressing table and do my make up instead of standing up and leaning over my sink in the bathroom and so I can get a closer look in the mirror!

Total Spend: £2406.47

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